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New Gig

About two years ago, I started work at Time Warner Cable on what is easily the best team I’ve ever been on in my career. During that time, I helped build some amazing web applications including services that powered an iPad streaming application that won an engineering Emmy certificate.

Not much could have pulled me away from that team, I think. However, I got offered a position as a founding engineer at a new startup in the Denver area that got me really excited. The idea is something that has the potential to really disrupt the space and no code has been written. Me and my team will be able to decide exactly what the toolchain and technology stack will look like from the bottom up with no legacy considerations. On top of that, we’ll be able to define how engineering works for us without existing bureaucracy or established practice that often tailors to the lowest common denominator in larger organizations.

It’s a risk, of course. But one I’m excited to take.

While there’s not much there yet, watch to see the latest developments. I’ll also be discussing more here on some of the decisions we make and why.

I’m really looking forward to this move and I think it has the potential to be pretty amazing!