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On the Nike+iPod Package – Shoe Mod

Yesterday, the Nike+iPod package that I ordered last week arrived from the Apple store. I, along with many others, don’t own the “proper” Nike shoes (which contain a special pouch in the sole of the shoe for the transmitter). When I recently went to buy a new pair of running shoes, the Niki+iPod models were not in stock.

So, I needed to fabricate some sort of way to fasten the transmitter to the shoe. After some research (and the desire to not spend any more money), I decided to base my modification on this guy’s. As I had some extra Velcro lying around, I decided to try and Velcro the transmitter to the tongue of the shoe. However, after consulting with my wife, I learned that we didn’t have any sewing materials in the house. I was forced to improvise. After rummaging through the craft drawer, I came upon a hot-glue gun.

I’m no expert, but I have seen many items glued to cloth-like material using a hot-glue gun. Since the modification would not be destructive (I can easily remove glue), I decided to try that avenue instead of the sewing solution detailed in the link above.

Here’s a picture of the “tools” necessary for the mod (minus the computer, transformer, and water bottle, of course):

I cut a piece of Velcro to match the shape of the transmitter, leaving room to turn the transmitter on and off using the button on the underside:

After marking the area I thought the transmitter should sit on the tongue of the shoe, I glued the Velcro strip:

A pic of the transmitter attached to the shoe:

The final product:

As I spend some time using the package, I’ll post more on its performance and accuracy … stay tuned!