Who am I?

Welcome to A Regular Expression. This blog is designed to reflect my thoughts on engineering, life, music, philosophy and whatever else I can think of.

My name is Johnny Wey, and I work as a software engineer by day and play one by night. I have been married to the most beautiful girl since August of 2004, and we have a little baby boy and a small dog named Reepicheep.

I love music, and play guitar, drums, and a bit of piano as well as sing. I also enjoy outdoor sports such as running and cycling.

I’ve been interested in tech and software engineering for as long as I can remember. I love experimenting with the latest frameworks and tools and even like to get my hands dirty with hardware from time to time. I remember fondly the first money I made from building software ($100 for a C++ application when I was 14) and my surprise that someone would pay me for doing something that was so much fun!

Since then, I’ve had the pleasure of working consistently on interesting projects that have a global impact throughout my career. I look forward to continuing in this direction.

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