All Good Things …

A little over two years ago, while on the home stretch of my computer science degree, I decided to leave the contracting position I had been employed with for almost four years and move into full-time employment as an engineer. While I had a few reasons for doing this (less headaches with healthcare, taxes, etc.), the biggest reason was to position myself in an environment where I could gain experience working in a fast-moving (read: agile) team alongside a more “cutting edge” technology stack.

Truth be told, it wasn’t hard for me to find a new gig. I got a few different offers after interviewing around town for about two weeks. While all the positions seemed promising, my gut pushed me towards a small startup in downtown Denver that was working to grow their product and engineering staff from the ground up.

Things turned out very well for me, and I truly can’t say enough about the position and the people I worked with. The position was fast and demanding and I was able to put my hands on a large amount of great tooling and frameworks on all levels of the development stack.

However, all things eventually end and I’m happy to announce that tomorrow I start a new gig as a senior user interface engineer at Time Warner Cable.

The engineering staff that TWC has been able to assemble in the last few months is extraordinary, and they are working on projects that are, quite honestly, right up my alley.

I’m pretty excited about this move. The web user interface technologies that exist coupled with those that are quickly solidifying (HTML5, CSS3, etc.) represent some of the most exciting areas in computer science, engineering, and design today. For a guy like me, there is nothing better than working with this type of tech!


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  1. Congratulations! TWC could not have found a better person for the job.

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