Manually Set Map Value in Struts 2

Often, the Struts 2 tag library doesn’t offer enough functionality to support a nice DHTML type of layout. In those cases, I find myself creating URLs manually to send to the action.

In most cases, this isn’t a bid deal. However, to make it work right, you have to duplicate the format that Struts uses to receive the data. For example, to send a list of items (such as List<String> names;), you would format your URL to look like


Maps are a little harder. To create a URL to send to a map, you can use the following format:


Say you have the following map:

Map<Integer, Integer> userIdOrderIdMap = new HashMap<Integer, Integer>();

To set the map from Struts 2, you’d use the following URL string:


This is the equivalent of:

userIdOrderIdMap.put(0, 1);
userIdOrderIdMap.put(10, 15);

You will probably have to manually call encodeURIComponent() on the URL string to make sure the brackets and any other special characters are escaped properly, but you already knew that, right?

You can also use a dot notation (such as &variableName.key=value), but I find that a bit counterintuitive to the way KVC types are intended to be represented.


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