Help Us Start a Family

I haven’t written much about this here, but Amber (my wife) and I have been trying to jump-start our family for the last couple of years or so. After some tests earlier this year, we realized that we had a choice: either attempt In Vitro Fertilization or adopt. For a few reasons, we chose adoption.

However, adoption is not cheap and we are far from rich. We’ve already spent about $11,500 (initial deposit; took out a loan) which we expect to get back via an adoption credit on our taxes for whatever year we actually get a baby.

Adoption costs vary but we expect to spend $10,000-$15,000 more over the course of the time between now and when we finally bring home an infant. So, we are officially asking for help. We’ve both been very active in the blossoming social network that the Internet has turned into over the last decade and, after donating ourselves to many causes that we personally believe in, we’re hoping that spirit of generosity extends outside our small sphere and encompasses the social community as a whole.

So, we’ve launched, a site that acts as a hub to convey as much information as possible about us alongside receiving any amount you might feel inclined to give.

Our goal is to spend the money taking in a baby that has no home. Any additional amount we receive beyond the cost of our adoption will go to a charitable organization that helps adoptive families (we’re still looking for one … I’m sure they exist somewhere!)

Unfortunately, we can’t give a tax benefit or provide “official” accountability of funds like a not-for-profit corporation might, but we have created a pretty transparent link to help put any doubts about our motives at ease.

Thanks for any help you might provide and thanks for reading this blog!


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