Now is a Good Time …

“There is no question that the choice to become a vegetarian or lower meat consumption is one of the most positive lifestyle changes a person could make in terms of reducing one’s personal impact on the environment,” says Christopher Flavin of the Worldwatch Institute. “The resource requirements and environmental degradation associated with a meat-based diet are very substantial.”

At the very least, maybe we could agree to eat less meat? These days, the impact on personal eating habits isn’t nearly as big as it seems.


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  1. It’s hard to comprehend the fact that you, as an individual, can actually impact global warming by doing something as simple as adjusting your diet. The concept is similar to the whole idea that one vote, your vote, can make a difference – so it’s important that you go cast your ballot on election day…I think that it just takes some time to fully grasp this concept…

    I actually work for a public health campaign called Meatless Monday – we advocate going meatless one day a week to reduce your saturated fat intake and thus lower your risk of heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and cancer. For more facts about how meat consumption affects the environment however you can go to

  2. Great post, To keep my ecological foot print low I like to eat local as much as possible. I intern with the Eat Well Guide, and we’ve teamed up with Consumers Union (publisher of Consumer Reports) to issue the Local, Organic Thanksgiving Challenge this year. Will you join us? And share a recipe? Read more on the Green Fork

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