2007: A Year in Review

I spent some time this morning while in the shower (where much of my deep thinking and incredible singing takes place these days) thinking, as many of you probably have, about the year 2007. This year was both a great and terrible year at the same time. I thought I’d chronicle some of the events that took place throughout the year and my thoughts about them. A fair amount of these events came directly out of iPhoto (our “events”).

So, prepare for 2007: A Year in Review (insert theme music here):

  • January: We spend the New Year in beautiful (ha!) Kansas City, KS with the IHOP crowd at OneThing (which, coincidentally, is happening right now as I write this). It is a time of growth for both Amber and myself, and we really enjoy reconnecting with everyone from Hawai’i. We both leave with a resolve to create an atmosphere of prayer and worship at our current church.

    Amber standing in line at OneThing

    The Shanes playing at OneThing

  • March: Our “resolve” from OneThing is effectively broken by news that our pastor had participated in numerous extramarital “activities” throughout his life and, most importantly, during his tenure as pastor of our church. I could write a lot on how this has affected me and my family, but suffice it to say that it was a fairly dramatic turning point for me. We’re still trying to figure out what our faith looks like now, and have no easy answers.

  • April: My neice, Jordan, is born.



  • May: A lot took place this month! We go on a cruise with some great friends, I get my first Mac, I get another niece (Scarlet; double the fun!), and Amber and I see Wicked (an amazing experience!)

    I’m awesome


    Written on the beach


    She’s pretty good looking


    My first Mac (tear)


    Scarlet and I (I am not going to eat her)


  • June: I turn 26 (I am old).

  • July: Amber has her second Broadway Review along with planning a beautiful wedding for David and Megan.

  • August: Amber and I visit the Garden of the God’s and Seven Falls in Colorado Springs for our anniversary. I think it would be funny to place one of my many Apple stickers on our dog, Reepicheep. It was. It still is.

    Amber and I on the road to the Springs




  • September: We have a family reunion in Kansas (and also visit the Wizard of Oz museum). Also, Amber turns 25 (she’s old!) and I get a funny picture of Reepicheep sleeping backwards. Ahahaha! Also, for David’s birthday, we dress up and, as luck would have it, I was a badass. I mean AM … I AM a badass!

    Amber at the Wizard of Oz museum


    Amber shows off her sweet HSM shirt at her birthday party (I got her that)


    Reepicheep sleeping backwards


    Just like Horatio Caine before me, I am a badass


  • October: Amber takes a picture of herself randomly playing guitar. Jon and I dress up as Doug and Jeremy for Halloween, and Amber dresses up as Lucille Ball. However, Harley mistakes her for Angelina Jolie’s “Mrs. Smith” character (??)

    Amber playing guitar


    Jon and I dressed up as Doug and Jeremy


    I can see why Harley made the mistake … the outfits are the same, including the pink “I Love Lucy” pin (just to avoid confusion, Amber is on the left)

    amber jolie.jpg

  • November: Jon, Jenna, Amber, and I attend a marriage conference / retreat. We have a great time painting Estes Park red, and spend much more time “retreating” than “conferencing.”

    Jon, Jenna, Amber and I living it up in Estes



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