Flatwire Installation

It has been a very long time since I last updated, and I apologize for that. Between work, school, and the holidays, things have been extraordinarily busy.

Part the reason I’ve been so swamped stems from the remodeling Amber and I have been doing with the house. We recently finished the surface work for the front room, and things are coming along nicely.

While preparing for the installation, Amber and I decided to try a new solution to running wiring throughout the room called Flatwire. The wire itself is flat, with a protective cover that allows painting, plaster, texture, whatever. Basically, you simply run the wire and then paint over it.

We haven’t finished painting over the wire yet, but this is a great opportunity to see it in its “naked” form.

Flatwire for Left Surround


Flatwire on Back Wall


Above Door Frame



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  1. You did a good job baby!

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