Quick Update

Well, I spent a lot of time last week trying to manage the new installation of Leopard and leverage it with my workflow. I’ve had some issues with Parallels and its handling of 16-bit legacy applications, as well as having to deal with a total crash of my media drive (don’t worry folks, we had a backup).

So far, Leopard does a lot of things very well. I’ll write more in a few days to detail my experiences with it as a whole and relating specifically to my workflow.

And, on a slightly different note, I got an iPod Touch as an early Christmas present (thanks babe)!


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  1. Have you had any speed issues since you switched to Leopard? Both of my computers seem significantly slower at startup, and a little slower in running since I installed Leopard….

    Maybe I just need more RAM.

  2. I did upgrade my RAM as part of Leopard (I’m running 3GB now; the max for my iMac). Are you running PowerPC or Intel?

    My startup time has actually improved, although my overall system performance seems to be just a bit slower than I remember in Tiger (this could also be a problem with VMWare and especially Parallels not running as well in Leopard).

    I’ve been contemplating a full re-install of Leopard on a wiped drive in order to knock out any Tiger-related bloat from before …

  3. I may have to add more ram. I’m on an Intel machine, a macbook pro…

    Parallels seems to be an issue for me too

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