On iMovie ’08

I bought iLife ’08 the weekend Apple announced its release. While most of the suite was a bit of let-down for me, imovie2.jpgsome events happened this week that have changed my mind about the new version of iMovie.

iMovie ’08 was practically re-written from scratch from iMovie ’06, and there are a few people (including me) that believe this was a mistake. I don’t like iMovie ’08, and I found myself firing up ’06 after only a half-an-hour or so doing some video importing and editing. My background is in timeline based editing (such as Sony Vegas, Adobe Premier, and Final Cut) and the removal of the timeline as we knew it was one of the big controversial design changes in this new version.

This week, Amber asked for some help in creating a slide-show for a friend of ours that is celebrating a 10 year remission of cancer. I initially opened iMove ’06 but some sort of video filter was in place that was causing the pictures I initially placed on the timeline as an example to look, well, weird. I didn’t have time to figure out what the problem is, so I just opened iMovie ’08, demonstrated to her the basic idea of making a slideshow, and let her go to town building something.

She was up until 4:30am, with work at 7:30, working in iMovie.

The next day, I asked her about her experience in the software. Suffice it to say, she loved it. On top of that, the movie she made was really, really good … much better than she (or I) probably could Picture 2.jpghave done in practically anything else in that amount of time. In fact, she is so good at it that I asked her to consider making these sorts of things on a regular basis to take the place of Christmas cards, presents, etc.

I realized this week that Apple’s goal in redesigning iMovie was for her, not me. She doesn’t need fancy timeline editing, advanced special effects, a robust plugin architecture, etc … she just needs an easy way to get photos, music, and titles on the screen and have it look good. And that’s exactly what she did with practically no problem at all in iMovie ’08. Additionally, her experience unlocked her creativity in that arena, and proved to her (and, frankly, to me) that she can do this sort of thing well. There is almost no way that could have happened for her in a complicated editing environment like Final Cut, but this experience might eventually move her into something with more umph behind it if and when she needs it.

So, I take back the bad things I’ve said (and thought) about iMovie!

Amber’s iMovie ’08 Photo ProjectiMovie1.jpg


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