On Connection

This last couple of years has been a pretty interesting time for me in regards to spirituality. I won’t bore you with the details, but suffice it to say that I’ve learned there are a lot of things I don’t know.

GrandmaMemorial1.jpgAs I posted a while back, I don’t believe any belief or religion can say they have the “only” or “sole” way to accessing the divine. While a lot of people may disagree with that premise (and I am open to talking about it, of course), I believe it only takes an objective examination of multiple people groups to realize there are genuine interactions with God taking place in other beliefs.

For a while, I considered the possibility of pursuing a different spiritual approach. While I’ve been studying spirituality all my life, this is probably the first time that I could investigate another belief structure without looking for ways in which it disagreed with mine to, at some point, win an argument.

What I can say, having done some serious searching, is that there are a lot of good things in a whole bunch of beliefs that can benefit anyone. I love the pluralism of Hinduism, the devotion to duty in Confucianism, the emphasis on simplicity in Taoism. I also find love of ceremony and ritual that exists in Shintoism fascinating, as well as the journey of Buddhism.

However, I realize now that my connection with God stems, and will always stem, from the western approach of Christianity. While I can subscribe and take in many of the positive traits these religions have to offer, the familiar continues to beckon me towards loving and serving Jesus.

This is not to say that I believe I’ve found the “ultimate” way, but have found something that works well for me, and allows me to deeply connect with my spirituality in general and God specifically.



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  1. Wow! From someone who has known you since the 8th grade, this is HUGE. Reading how you are you looking at other spiritual beliefs and finding a commonality, is totally awesome.
    I think God loves diversity and I think we all can love and express our love in different ways. Now whether or not its “Our God” others love and express love to, its beauty in itself to know a particular group is capable of that type of love and devotion. I think you should write more about different religions and help other Christians understand and value diversity.

  2. Thanks for the encouragement, Nat! My family has practically disowned me over this, and I’d imagine a lot of other people in the church, people I admire and care about, aren’t too stoked either.

    I’ve got to be honest, however, and not play the whole “my theology is better than yours” game just because it’s what’s expected :-)

  3. I’m sorry. Just stay focused and grounded. Just looking at other ways people do things is educational and as we both know “Knowledge is Power!” right? The more you understand what is out there, the better chances you have to witness. So when someone should ever say “You don’t understand, in our house we did this…..” you can be familar to how and what they are saying. Sometimes we think witnessing means “You need to adapt to us” but sometimes we need to understand where someone comes from before they can adapt to anything, we need to adapt our minds, you reach more people that way. I think anyways…..So, I think its good to be opjective to people and not critical just bc they do things differently. Doesn’t mean you have to be like them but you can understand.

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