Apple event impressions

Today, Apple announced new versions of iMac, iLife, iWork, and a small refresh to the Mac Mini line (which a lot of people thought was going away, including myself). My impressions:

  • The new iMacs look great! However, I really do not like the glossy screens. I’m glad that I got my iMac with the standard, uh, “mat” display. I wonder if they are OLED?
  • The new keyboard does not look very comfortable (I’ll report more on this when I get a chance to go to the Apple store).
  • iLife ’08 looks very cool. I think the two applications I will use the most are iPhoto (which I use on a regular basis anyway) and iMovie. iPhoto has some very cool upgrades having to do with “events.” Interestingly enough, I was just thinking that there needed to be better ways to organize photos yesterday.
  • iWeb still doesn’t seem to have the power and flexibility that I might want for everyday use. However, the “gadgets” and code snippets are cool.
  • iWork ’08 seems like a fairly small refresh, but still cool enough. I rarely use iWork for anything right now, so I doubt I’ll be upgrading to ’08 any time soon.
  • I’m stoked that they refreshed the Mac Minis!

There you have it. The next big announcement for the Mac will be Leopard in October … can’t wait!


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