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Welcome to the first entry in A Regular Expression. I’m your host, Johnny Wey, and I’ll be periodically updating this blog to reflect my thoughts on all sorts of things.

Part of my motivation in maintaining this blog is to see how well Apple’s iWeb application performs. I recently switched to an iMac, and I want to get a better idea what sort of experience a “stock” user might have in using the iLife suite of applications.

On top of that, I also plan on documenting my “switching” experiences (both good and bad), as well as solutions to problems I encountered moving from the Windows platform to the Mac platform.

What’s interesting about this, for those who care, is that at least half of my professional work occurs in a Windows environment. As such, the biggest challenge for me to overcome to remain productive was not just “what equivalent application can I run in OS X” but also “how do I make Windows applications such as Visual Studio (and even legacy DOS applications such as Optimum) work in the new setup? Do they run quickly enough to remain productive? Does this setup interfere with the company VPN for sharing source code?

I plan on expounding upon these issues, along with countless others, as this platform continues to develop. Before closing this entry, I should also add that I am not necessarily sold on using iWeb as the “app of choice” for this site. I’d also like to try other solutions such as WordPress … this is simply a starting point.

So … welcome!


About johnnywey

Welcome to A Regular Expression. This blog is designed to reflect my thoughts on life, music, software design, Apple, faith, philosophy, and whatever else I can think of.

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  1. johnny wey, you stud…

    all i did was type in johnnywey.com and got this site. anyway, read your LCD on capital punishment. i’m right there with you in looking at Christ’s example. i don’t condemn capital punishment (if a people decide on it… they decide) but love is the LCD. i too have changed over time. being at hope chapel olomana has taught me that (becuase of certain experiences) and i see why God has kept me there.

    on another note, iMacs are great, especially for the type of work it seems like you’ll be doing. i’ve never “blogged” before but if your wordpress.com experience is great, maybe instead of myspace, i’ll do this. keep me informed through calling… or maybe i’ll check here from time to time. take care, brother…

    “In the grand scheme of God’s plan… what’s your role?”- Ka‘ala Kawai

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