The beginning and end of iWeb

Just about as quickly as I began trying out iWeb for blogging purposes, I realized that it wasn’t nearly robust enough to do the sorts of things I wanted to do.

Here is a list of what I believe to be hindrances to my use of the product:

  1. There is no easy way to change a theme. I wanted to see how the formatting of the blog worked on different iWeb themes, but I quickly discovered that you are, for all intents and purposes, locked into the theme you initially select for the site. To try a new theme, I’d have to create a new site and then copy the content from the old site. This almost makes the theme functionality worthless.
  2. I wanted to add code across all the .html pages, but was unable to without loading a third-party solution such as MassReplaceIt. This made adding something like a favorite icon burdensome.
  3. The commenting system doesn’t work for non .mac hosted solutions.

In short, I just didn’t feel like the package was enough for the type of blog I want this to become. It’s a great application for very simple use, and I can see how perhaps those using .mac would benefit greatly from it.

After deciding to dump iWeb, I had a huge list of solutions that I could choose from to form the framework for this blog. I decided to go with WordPress. For now, I am hosting the blog on the domain. However, I intend to move it to its own server some time in the future. I have a fair amount of experience in PHP and mySQL, and I’d like to see how difficult an application such as WordPress would be to setup on my own site.

iWeb screenshot

 (My old iWeb site)


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